Liquid Gold

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Helps with and contains: Appetite and Gut Support, Breeding, Energy, Weight & Condition, Eventing, Greyhound racing, Horse racing, Optimum Health, Performance Recovery, Skin & Coat, Vitamins & MineralsTags: Apple Cider, Health, Natural, Oil, Omega 3, Performance Oil, Vinegar, Vitamin E, Vitamins

LIQUID GOLD Is Specially formulated and emulsified to provide the optimal combination and nutrient absorption levels to support the antioxidant defence system. Food grade emulsifiers ensure that the product is consistently stable and that absorption, shelf life and stability are superior to water dispersible or oil-based supplements.

LIQUID GOLD from Spectrum is the only product designed as an all-in-one combination of anti-oxidants and omega oils to provide energy without causing metabolic and muscle problems & to support the anti-oxidant defence system for all horses, racing, endurance, equestrian and breeding.